Why use Epinio?

Developer Happiness

Reduce the stress and focus on your application logic instead of Container or Kubernetes details.

Fast & Lightweight

Epinio runs well on any Kubernetes Cluster including your local development machine with Rancher Desktop

Flexible with Sane Defaults

Epinio uses Kubernetes generics and open-source components to give a fantastic developer experience without locking you into our idea of what an application looks like.

Install Epinio in under 5 minutes

Install the cli with brew (or download the latest cli client into your PATH)

brew install epinio

Install cert-manager if not already present

kubectl apply -f https://github.com/cert-manager/cert-manager/releases/download/v1.7.1/cert-manager.yaml

Add the repo to helm

helm repo add epinio https://epinio.github.io/helm-charts

Install the platform using helm

helm upgrade --install epinio epinio/epinio -n epinio --create-namespace --set global.domain=<INGRESS_IP>.sslip.io

Login to the cluster

epinio login -u admin https://epinio.<INGRESS_IP>.sslip.io

Learn more in the installation instructions.

Push from Source

Push your code directly to the platform without needing to build complicated CD pipelines or writing any yaml.

Epinio Push
VS Code remote debugging

Debugging tools

Dig into what your application is doing with your favorite debugger or IDE.

How it Works

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The Epinio API server uses build packs to create container images from source code.

A single `epinio push` builds an image and deploys the application. Once Epinio has been installed no further Kubernetes knowledge is needed to develop and deploy applications.

How To Get Involved

Epinio is an open source project hosted on GitHub. Bugs and features are tracked through issues and new code is reviewed through pull requests.

Issues Pull Requests
How To Get Support

Found an issue or have a problem? Community support happens in the #epinio channel in Slack and in the issue queus, where you can search and file new issues.

Rancher Users Slack Issues