The Application Development Engine for Kubernetes

Epinio is how you tame the developer workflow in Kubernetes to go from Code to URL in a single step.

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Great For

Application Developers
Edge Clusters
No-fuss Deployments

Why Use Epinio ?

Built for DevOps

Epinio installs into any Kubernetes cluster to bring your application from source code to deployment and allow for Developers and Operators to work better together!

Developer Happiness

Reduce the stress and focus on your application logic instead of Container or Kubernetes details.

Fast & Lightweight

Epinio runs well on your local development machine with Rancher Desktop, k3d, and many other Kubernetes options.

Flexible with Sane Defaults

Epinio uses Kubernetes generics and open-source components to give a fantastic developer experience.

Get Started

Step 1.
Install Epinio into a Kubernetes cluster

Step 2.
cd to your application source

Step 3.
epinio push my-app

That’s it! With just a few commands, your application can be built and running in Kubernetes.

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Do you want to spend more time creating apps and less time managing the platform?